If you’ve ever had the privilege to use a device sporting a MIUI ROM, then you’ll be thrilled to know the lockscreen is now available in the Android Market under the name MiLocker. Even better, there are a multitude of themes already available – and all customizable. The library of lockscreens have been created by many different designers and have different unlocking sequences.

You can slide horizontally, vertically, unlock to applications, and even animated unlocking. The zipper unlock seems the most unique to me. Unfortunately, some of the shortcuts can’t be modified to open preferred applications. Like Adria Nicole said in the user reviews – there isn’t a way to set your preferred messaging program to Google Voice from the stock messaging app. Many, including myself, use Google Voice to completely replace messaging – so this could be a serious setback.

Fortunately, I’m just fine with the standard AOSP 2.3 (Gingerbread) lockscreen. Most of these lockscreen applications – including WidgetUnlocker, Lock 2.0, and Sense 3.0 Magic Locker – tend to delay when turning on my device. Sometimes they even show up in conjunction to the stock lockscreen, so there isn’t really a point for me to use them. It may just be my device (LG Revolution 4G), but maybe not. Do any of you all have this problem?

[via Phandroid]