Xiaomi MIUI10

Earlier in May, Xiaomi rolled out the Mi Mix 2 phone with MIUI 10. The new version adds full-screen gestures and Android P-style features. The MIUI 10 was officially dropped only last June and it’s everything we want for the Xiaomi phone and more. The custom ROM is one of two ROMs released by Xiaomi. MIUI is mainly for China while Global ROM is for other key markets with two variants: Developer and Stable ROM. Not to confuse the public but the two are different in many ways.

Global ROM is usually supported on devices with MIUI China ROM but some changes are up ahead. Those Xiaomi phones will stop support Global ROM according to a source.

This change means more Xiaomi phones may have a hard time running mobile apps and programs. If you don’t know it yet, Google services are banned in China. What happens is OEMs remove them from the phone before selling but some people have a way around it. There are retailers that re-install Google frameworks and apps

The support is possible but this clarifies some things. China-bound Xiaomi phones can’t run MIUI Global ROM while international variants of Xiaomi phones cannot run MIUI China ROM.

The distinction is now clearer to encourage consumers to just buy from Xiaomi from authorized and official sellers. Whether you live in China or Russia, Spain, Indonesia, or India, or just about anywhere on the planet, it is highly advised you only buy from an authorized distributor.

VIA: Gizmochina