Remember all the way back yesterday when there was a story about an Android falling off a truck? Turns out they found it at night, and it’s been recovered with minor damage. This completely epic story now comes to a close with a $1,000 reward being given out to a miss Amber Conky who found the costume by her apartment building’s dumpster. Totally epic.

The folks at Cricket maintain that the costume is worth $4,500, and that thusly the $1,000 reward money was well spent, we imagine, since WLWT has indeed come back with this followup story. You know what I think? I think maybe it was worth a little bit more than $1,000 in advertising dollars. Imagine that. Commence the taking off of WLWT from the feed reader. I think we’ve just been had, ladies and gentlemen.

[Via WLWT]


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