Android gets around to a lot of different device classes, but this one may be unique. A company called Miselu unveiled a new MIDI controller/musical keyboard today, with the standard set of features and connections. There’s a couple of interesting new additions to the Neiro though: one, it’s got a built-in Internet connection, though the precise nature of this (wired, WiFi, mobile broadband) isn’t currently spelled out. And two, it runs Android on a laptop-style screen above the main console. You knew that was coming, right?

While most MIDI controllers plug into a computer or other audio equipment, the Neiro is potentially a completely self-contained music machine, using Android to manage its audio functions and presumably complete files for presentation. Included in the package is the Yamaha AudioEngine Series Sound Chip NSX-1, which we assume is a good thing for audiophiles. Other than that, specifications are pretty scarce. The touchscreen interface includes a series of pre-loaded apps specifically tailored for audio creation – and no, we wouldn’t hold out for Google Play. There’s always root, though!

Miselu isn’t saying when or where the Neiro will be available, or for how much. Given the fact that pros and serious hobbyists already have thousands of dollars invested in their setups, it probably needs to present a use case scenario with serious benefits or, failing that, a great price. The company is showing off the hardware at SXSW in Austin, so a release can’t be that far away.

[via Geeky Gadgets]