When Google announced earlier this week that they were finally rolling out mirroring of Android devices to Chromecast, many were pretty excited as they will finally have the chance to show off those vacation pictures or the Top 10 Funniest Vine videos on a larger screen. However, the Cast Screen option is only available to selected devices as of now. But a new APK, MirrorEnabler, now allows you to mirror your device of choice to Chromecast.

Although still in the experimental stage, the app has been tested and has worked on several devices, including the Samsung Galaxy Note 8, Samsung Galaxy Note Pro 12.2, Sony Xperia Z2 and the Verizon HTC One M8. It was also tried out on the Samsung Galaxy S III and the Galaxy Note 2, but it received mixed results. One device where the APK was not effective was the HTC EVO 3D. In order to properly work, the Chromecast app has to be updated to the latest version and it also needs root access to the device itself.

The devices named above are all just on top of the supported devices that were officially named by Google during the announcement on Wednesday. Once you have MirrorEnabler installed, you just need to cue what you want to show from your device, go to the navigation panel of the Chromecast app, and you’ll see the option “Cast screen” appear on the menu.

However, since this is still in the Beta stage, not everything might be working properly. In fact, some things might not be streamable to Chromecast at all, although Google has not yet given a list of which kinds of content will not work. But it still won’t hurt to try the MirrorEnabler, which is available to download here. Thanks Greg for the tip!

SOURCE: XDA Developers