The Microsoft Launcher may not be the most popular Android launcher just yet but if you’re a fan of anything Microsoft, then it’s something worth looking into. The latest update to the beta version (v. 5.3) brings several new things to your home screen launcher, including a redesigned time and weather widget as well as more integrations with the To-Do app to help in your productivity. Signing up to be a beta tester is fairly easy so if you’re an early adapter, you might want to do so.

The Time and Weather widget on your Microsoft Launcher has been redesigned in this latest beta update. You can now have multiple widgets in different sizes, styles, and even locations. You also get a detailed L2 page with an hourly and 10-day forecast. The Home Screen, Dock, and Search widgets also now have updated UX (user experience) refinements.

If you use Microsoft To Do for your productivity needs, you will now be able to add “My Day” and “Flagged Emails” task cards on your Microsoft Launcher. If you are a work profile customer, you will now also be able to access your work apps from the launcher.

If you like to keep up with tech-related news, you now have a Technology section in the News tab. There are also minor updates like the font of the launcher has been changed from Segoe UI to Boboto and the link in the settings from beta community now leads to the Microsoft Tech Community.

The beta program for the Microsoft Launcher is still open so just sign up to become one and have early access to new features and updates.

SOURCE: Reddit