The idea of turning the smartphone into a laptop isn’t new. We’ve seen the Superbook from before plus Samsung has recently introduced the DeX Station that transforms the Galaxy S8 into a mini computer. From laptops to netbooks to tablets to smartphones, you can conveniently and quickly finish your work wherever you are.

Gone are the days when you need to bring that heavy laptop of yours just to get work done when you’re on-the-go. These days, you can work right on your smartphone. When you need a bigger screen or a keyboard to type, you can just snap on the appropriate accessory. This Mirabook could be the next ideal solution because it turns the smartphone into a pocket computer. Actually, it’s not just a pocket PC because a large screen, track pad, and a full-sized keyboard are offered.

If you need to get some typing done, bring your smartphone with you and the Mirabook when you travel. This means you can have everything you need in one device—your smartphone. It simply extends the power of your phone into a bigger display. The keyboard is a plus because typing can be faster. Also added are extra storage, HD display, plus longer battery life.

The Mirabook is a project by the Mirateam and is now on Indiegogo. The team turned to crowdfunding with a fund goal of $50,000. As of this writing, $48K have already been raised with still one month left before the deadline. The group behind this can definitely raise more money than expected. It’s up to them if they will really deliver.

If you’re interested in this project, you can send in your support for a minimum of $180 and get the Mirabook with a 40% discount when it’s ready to ship. For $199, you can get a 33% discount but if you choose the $249 tier, you can get one free Mirabook already. The Duo Pack is offered for $399 while the $799 Family Pack will give you four Mirabooks. Estimated month of arrival is December so hope and pray the team will be able to bring the concept into a reality.

SOURCE: Indiegogo