Revolutionary virtual keyboard Minuum has released the latest version of its app. Version 2.11 now has an adjustable floating mode to make it easier for users to use the keyboards on their smartphone or tablet. They will also be releasing several quick tip tutorial videos to guide users who cannot intuitively adjust to Minuum’s style of virtual keyboards, which aims to change how we use them on mobile gadgets that are obviously smaller than our desktops.

The floating mode allows the user to adjust the size and position of the keyboard on your device’s screen. This is useful for when you’d want to type with one hand on your smartphone or when you’re typing out an especially long document on your tablet. The compact mode that is also now available on v2.11 is the same as the floating mode, but this time you can dock it to your place of choice on your screen.

Some other changes that come with the latest update is streamlining the shift menu to remove the clutter and paring it down to simpler choices. The options that have been removed can now be found on the Minuum settings section. Users also now have the option of choosing what happens to the period button when you double tap the space bar.

And because not everyone can intuitively know and appreciate all the features of Minuum, they will be rolling out several Quick Tip videos to show users how to maximize their virtual keyboard. The update is now available on both the Google Play Store and through manual installation as well.

SOURCE: Minuum