Remember Minuum, the IndieGoGo campaign that promised to re-invent the keyboard? On release, the app was met with a lot of tilted gazes and stuttered commentary. Though interesting, backers and early adopters didn’t seem to know what to really make of it. Did it need time? Was it just not as good as it seemed?

Whirlscape, the Toronot-based Developers behind Minuum, have bought themselves some time. Or investors have bought them time, maybe. In a funding exercise that included Y Combinator, FundersClub, and BDC Venture Capital (among others), the makers of Minuum have raised $500,000. Recalling their original crowd funding goal of $10,000, times have definitely changed for Minuum.

Though a bit confusing, the minuscule keyboard has big aspirations. A focus of interest form their campaign was the alternative methods in which Minuum was being used. That’s led them to pursue other mediums beyond the smartphone. Co-founder and CEO of Whirlscape Will Walmsley said “We’re working with a number of wearable device partners to try and really demonstrate the potential that Minuum has on their devices. I can’t get much more specific, but definitely there are a couple of smartwatches that we’re working with, and a couple of devices beyond smartwatches, too.”

Wearables beyond smartwatches? Interesting. Perhaps those abstract demos from their campaign video weren’t so far off after all. Though half a million bucks doesn’t seem like a lot, Minuum has been able to do quite a bit with little resources, so it’s wise not to count them out just yet.
VIA: TechCrunch