QWERTY has been around, and basked in relative comfort, since 1873, when Remington first trademarked it for use on their typewriters. We’re pretty sure no one has really had a problem with it, even in touchscreen form… no one that is, except for Minuum. Their goal? They’re aiming to “re-revolutionize” the way we type.

For myself, QWERTY has never been an issue. I remember personally, long before the introduction of Android to the masses, having to manually type in stuff via a QWERTY keypad on my old Blackberry, in 2007. It feels like so long ago, but it certainly was never a hassle to type everything out, and my transition from touchpad to touchscreen certainly didn’t make it anymore difficult.

Minuum however, aims to change the way we’ve all been doing it, by putting the traditional QWERTY keyboard into a horizontal row at the bottom of the screen. By doing this, they say it will intuitively learn how you type, and also reformat itself to avoid any future spelling mistakes you may make.

Minuum promises a full version if the BETA goes as well as they hope. Although Minuum might come off as difficult to use for the first little bit, the company promises that you’ll get the hang of it in no time at all. Their Indiegogo campaign (like kickstarter) gained steam in March, and the beta will be arriving tomorrow for backers. This means we’ll finally be getting our hands on the actual APK. If you’re able to give it a try, leave us your thoughts in the comments below.

SOURCE: Droid-Life