Mint Smallest 4G Smartphone

While most OEMs are busy developing 5G phones, there are some groups who only need decent 4G phones. As smartphones are getting bigger, some people just want something small to use maybe to call or text. If you’re looking for a small smartphone, you may want to consider the Mint–the smallest 4G phone in the world. This device only offers the essentials. It’s a simple phone that offers just the basics like call, text, email, and access to some of the most popular social apps.

The phone features a very small 3-inch LCD screen with 854 x 480 pixel resolution, 3GB RAM, 64GB onboard storage, 4 core CPU, Bluetooth connectivity, GPS, and a dual SIM card slot. The phone runs on Android 9.0 Pie so access to Google Play Store is available.

There is a selfie camera and a main camera system. The phone is very small—about the size of a credit card. It fits your palm so definitely, you only need one hand to navigate.

The Mint phone features a sleek and elegant design. It will remind you an iPhone but only smaller. The sides are squared-off. The interface is more minimalist. You can only see the Type-C port and the volume and power buttons. The phone only has a small 1250 mAh battery but a single full charge can last up to three days (72 hours) on standard usage.

This project is now listed on Indiegogo. One unit costs $99 for the Super Early Bird. The $115 price is for the Early Bird but the Indiegogo Special costs $129. Shipping will begin on November 2021.


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