More and more Android mobile devices are now capable of multi-tasking, so situations where you need a map overlay may come up. Like having a media player app and a map floating over your player, or anything in that order. Well, MiniMap is an app that allows for a floating map window over any app you are running.

XDA member “Flyview” created the MiniMap app inspired by the minimap overlays on a lot of RPG and shooter games. While you’re shooting up that big baddie or throwing your ninja skills on that dragon, you always know where you are on the map, because you can just glance at the minimap overlay. The MiniMap app functions exactly the same way.


You can use it to give quick directions to someone you’re chatting with, or have it on when keeping track of your commute route. There’s also a pro version where the app shows you premium features like monitoring your speed, seeing traffic and changing the map’s type to show satellite imagery or the terrain.


If you want to learn more about the app, check out the official XDA thread here. The download link is also available on the thread. Enjoy!