It looks like the age of the mobile game that is simple on paper but difficult in practice is still far from over. You’ve seen stories of people who rage quit and then play again just because they are challenged by how difficult it is to win or play. Another one of that kind of game is now making its way to Android devices and it’s simply titled Fallen. But don’t let the simple name fool you this game is a doozy.

One game review site said that Fallen is one of those games where you make weird, strained faces while playing to the confusion of other people who don’t know what you’re doing. And while doing several practice runs of the game, we did make weird faces. The concept is simple really. You spin a colorful little wheel that is made of three colors, namely red, green, and blue. You need to match the colors of the balls that are falling down the chute.

The game is mostly reaction-based (hence the weird facial reaction) but it’s not as fast paced as you would expect. That’s because the balls are funneled so it gives you the chance to figure out how to spin the wheel. But you won’t always be as fast as you would want to be. Hence, the frustration.

Fallen has minimal graphics, but the artwork is pretty. The music and sound effects also adds to the charm of the game. You can download the game from the Google Play Store for free, but there are in-app purchases of course.