There is absolutely no shortage of apps on the Google Play Store that will deliver a clock or weather widget. They’re extremely popular, and a new one appears on the daily. Recently I’ve switched my attention to having a minimalistic look and feel on my homescreen. Just a few needed apps and a beautiful analog clock. And Minimal Clock was just what we were looking for.

This app is new to the Play Store, called Minimal Clock, and is exactly what you’d expect. We don’t have an array of settings, color variations, or different designs, as everything is simple and minimal here. There’s two different options, and only a few select colors to choose from.

Don’t worry though, because they are minimalistic and clean, and look great with nearly every background I’ve tried lately. With simple black and white options as well as a Holo-blue that fits right in with Android Jelly Bean. It comes from a relatively new Indie developer, but the app is completely free and doesn’t have any pesky permissions, so is just a quick way to customize the look and feel of your Android.

If you’re like me and still want a few options, an update will be addressing that as well. The developer states the next update for Minimal Clock will bring a custom color wheel so you can choose whatever color you’d like, then he’ll also be adding support for Android 4.2 lockscreen widgets. I’d really like this clean Holo-Blue for my lockscreen, and I’ll be happy.

The developer also states some additional options will be coming soon, although we’re not exactly sure what or when. So far the app is clean, simple, and beautiful. Our only complaint would be the UI for configuring your widget. It could use some work to be easier to understand and more visible. That aside, give this free new app a try and let us know what you think. Here’s our favorites below.

VIA: Play Store