While we still don’t have a clear answer on when the previously announced Samsung Galaxy Home would be making its way to our homes, they are apparently already working on a smaller and more affordable version of their first Bixby-powered smart speaker. The so-called “AI speaker” has found its way to a new FCC filing confirming rumors that Samsung may be producing a mini version of its yet-to-be-released-but-is-still-coming-they-say Galaxy Home speaker.

According to the CNet report, the FCC filing doesn’t really reveal much about the device except what it could possibly look like. It obviously has a smaller profile than the Galaxy Home speaker and doesn’t seem to come with stands. The top of the device shows the logo of AKG, their premium audio brand although the branding of the device will probably still be Samsung.

The device was tested on WiFi b/g/n networks and the listed Bluetooth version is 4.2. But other than that, we still don’t know much about this “AI speaker”. We also don’t know if this product will even materialize although it does make sense for them to have a smaller version since rivals like Google and Amazon have a mini and budget-friendly version of their main smart speakers.

The Samsung Galaxy Home was unveiled in August of last year but since then, they haven’t really been forthcoming about the release date or even just any updates. This caused some speculation that they will not push through with it but those rumors were quashed by Samsung and their PR department said it will be launching sometime in the first half of 2019.

As for this mini speaker, we probably shouldn’t hold our breath given how long the Galaxy Home is taking. You’ll have to either just go with the big smart speaker or wait until more official news comes out about the mini version.