If you haven’t heard of Minecraft Realms yet, this is a small – yet still very much in alpha – side release of Minecraft Pocket Edition for Android which allows you to play Minecraft with other people online. Yes! Minecraft! Online! With other people! How cool is that, right? Pretty cool, and here be the steps that you need to do to activate your Minecraft Realms.

Even in Alpha mode, you need to activate Minecraft Realms so you can officially play it online. The caveats here are these – some features may still not work, since it is in Alpha mode, and we’re still not quite sure whom you’re playing with. The official Realms will have cross-platform capabilities – which means that people playing on Android, iOS, Windows Phone, and Windows 10 editions can play with each other. We’re just not sure if this is activated at this point or if you’re just playing with people on Android.


To activate Minecraft Realms on your Minecraft Pocket Edition for Android, head over to this Android app testing button at the Google Play Store. Once you’ve hit the activate button, make sure your version of the game is updated, and you’re all set. Run Minecraft, then find the Realms button which allows you to enter the online world of Minecraft. Nothing to it, right?


This version of Minecraft Realms allows you to join or host a game of up to 10 people online for free. Rumors are that there will be a usage fee in the future, something like USD$8.00 per month, but we can’t confirm that yet. Activate online now and start having fun!

VIA: SlashGear


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