Minecraft: Pocket Edition just got its 0.12 update recently, which adds some features and elements that were formerly seen only in the desktop and console versions. Mojang, developer of Minecraft, put out one of its biggest updates to date, and Minecraft PE is the biggest beneficiary of the update, adding features like hunger, sneaking and sprinting, the Nether zone, and tame-able ocelots (if you really need one, that is).

Minecraft is a building game, if you did not already know that. So Minecraft PE for your mobile Android device will be getting these new elements – support for controllers, the aforementioned hunger system, weather, brewing, anvils, brewing stands, flower pots, Nether blocks, and many new items such as potions, golden apples, blaze powder, and spider eyes. Your creative inventory will also have additions like gunpowder, sugar, slimeball, coal and charcoal, emerald, diamond, steak, bread, string, and all kinds of armors.


But the bigger thing for this Minecraft PE update is the addition of multiple ways to play with another Minecraft player. A “Local Server Multiplayer” mode is now available so you can jump on to any game playing on your local network. Mojang also says that playing cross platform over the Internet is now possible, although one would have to be “extra clever” in dealing with p[ort forwarding and IP addresses.

The update should show up on your notifications – or you can go ahead and jump on to the download link below (via the Google Play Store) to update your installation. Be sure you’re on a strong WiFi connection if you want to do this update.

DOWNLOAD: Google Play Store


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