For the hundreds of thousands of Minecraft fans in the world of Android we have some good news. While Minecraft came to Android already, this is something different from creator Markus Persson. What we have today is Minicraft — a mini version of the game in 8-bit format for Android made by the same genius that brought us the original. Who’s ready for some fun?

It seems that Minicraft was made in just under 48 hours by Persson himself for a competition in late December. The controls were a bit odd at first and didn’t have save options but this port for Android has added Wii-mote support and game saves. Being a smaller, less complex version of the game it wont consume hours and hours of your life, but it could if you let it.

The game is dead simple and should only take a few hours to complete, making it great for mobile gaming. The theme is to collect items and resources, build objects and in the end defeat the Air Wizard that controls the realm — leaving you alone in the world. If you’ve played Minecraft before then you should be right at home — otherwise the video below should clear up a few questions you may have.

For the Mini or Minecraft fans Persson claims that he has a few more ideas coming soon and is planning to release another game called MiniTale that should be a more complex and involved version of Minicraft since he’s had more than 48 hours to build the game. Stay tuned for more from this awesome little developer.

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