So you got yourself the Samsung Gear VR, good for you. You’ve been wondering when you’d actually get to play Minecraft on the thing. Well, that day is at hand, sir. Minecraft GearVR – designed exclusively for Samsung’s virtual reality headset – is now available for download. You can now build your free-form kingdom on VR!

This is the first time Minecraft GearVR has been made available officially, so you can get your Samsung Galaxy Note 4, Galaxy Note 5, Galaxy S6 and the S6 edge, or the Galaxy S7 and S7 Edge and install the app which is available in the Oculus store now. The app will download around 88MB of data to your device. Once installed, though, you’ll be set and able to disappear into the VR realm using your Gear VR headset.

One major caveat is this, you need to have a gaming controller synced to your device. If you do not have a controller connected, the app will let you know via an in-game notification. The app has a dedicated VR Menu that you might want to look at first, to make your VR session as smooth as possible. We recommend that you also turn on these options:

– VR Turning
– VR Turn by Time
– VR Turning Sound
– Head Steering
– 3D Rendering
– Linear Jump
– HUD Drift
– Linear Motion
– Sticky Mining

Once you’ve played a while, and you feel the need to come back into the real world, drop a comment or something. Let us know how you like it and what the developers can improve on.

SOURCE: SlashGear