Square Enix is pushing out into new territories, coming with a card battle RPG called “Million Arthur”. The game has previously been released in South Korea, Japan, China, and Southeast Asia, but today – through Gamevil as partner – the game is being released globally. Gamevil is starting with 15 territories today, and will later include North America, Europe and other markets.


Million Arthur is card-based RPG done with Japanese flair. The game’s storyline is written by Japanese novelist Kazuma Kamachi, and focuses on individuals with the title of Arthur and a destiny to rule Britain. Of course, only one will be worthy to lift Excalibur from the stone – only one will be king. To prove worthiness, players will build their own decks of cards – which represents soldiers – and try to beat the others.


The game has over 170 cards, all done in anime-style artwork. The developers are promising that new cards will be released with future updates. Each soldier card belongs to one of three factions in the game, giving them distinct skills and stats. Players will have to be strategic in the way they build their deck.

The game is downloadable now in Spain, Turkey, Saudi Arabia, Netherland, Sweden, Italy, Portugal, Ukraine, Denmark, Canada, Mexico, Australia, New Zealand, Philippines, and Argentina – check out the download link below. Other territories will see Million Arthur available at the Google Play Store by July.

DOWNLOAD: Google Play Store



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