According to the latest figures from Millennial Media, Android had twice as many ad impressions as iOS devices in Q2. Android alone generated 53% of all mobile add impressions for the quarter. Apple saw the impressions generated by iOS devices increase 4% from Q1 2011. The overall portion of the market that Apple has is 27%.

However, Millennial does note that with the launch of the iPhone 5 expected in Q3 it expects to see growth from Apple. When Millennial looks at the devices generating the most impressions Apple is the leader with 30.76% of all the ads viewed. Samsung is the second place with 14.94%.

For Q2 the most common ads served were retail and restaurant ads. However, there was noted to be a marked growth in ads for pharmaceuticals and finance as well as automotive and entertainment ads. Of the devices that generated ad impressions in Q2 2011, 60% of the devices were touchscreen enabled. Touch/QWERTY hybrids were 15% of the impressions and QWERTY only were 14%.

[via Fiercemobilecontent]