A pair of former Googlers has launched a new app called MightyText specifically for Android smartphone users. The developers of the app are Maneesh Arora and Amit Sangani and their app originally launched as a Chrome extension and gained popularity quickly. The success of that Chrome extension helped the duo raise $650,000 to build their new mobile app that has just recently launched.

The app reminds me a lot of Google Voice in that you can send and receive text messages from any device just as you would with your Android smartphone in hand. One key difference though is that MightyText doesn’t require you to get a new phone number as Google Voice does, rather MightyText syncs with your current phone number. One seemed that allows you to track SMS and MMS messages as well as voice calls you make.

Users can also make voice calls, presumably using VoIP. The app also organizes all of your calls and messages making them easier to search. It also allows you to store your received messages securely for as long as you desire. The people that you text from your computer or even your iPad using MightyText don’t have to install the app and won’t know that you are not using your Android smartphone to send the messages.

[via SlashGear]