Any RPG with either the word ‘shadow’ or ‘war’ in its name is often mysterious, interesting, and at the same time fun. A new adventure game by Warner Bros. International Enterprises is set to be another time-waster. This ‘Middle-earth: Shadow of War’ is now being prepped for full launch. You can pre-register for the game on its website or the Google Play Store.

The game will be free to install but in-app purchases will be available. Some countries though are said to have the game available already. Geeky gamers will enjoy commanding Middle Earth’s Orcs and greatest champions in real-time RPG. Try to beat Sauron and help Celebrimbor use the power of the ring to its fullest potential together with some other minor rings.

This game will have you waging the Shadow War to overthrow the many armies of Sauron. You’ll be going through Mordor again as you go on Talion’s journey. You need to gather up your own Orc army to go against the Champions of Middle-earth.

Different characters from Shadow of War and The Lord of the Rings can be part of this game. These Middle Earth champions are ever ready to be controlled by new rings of power.

Battles can be fought in real-time. The Mordor or regions may be hostile but it can be fun to play the game in real-time with friends or strangers. You have different Orc enemies to beat but make be wary as they can remember your every move.

Download Middle-earth: Shadow of War from the Google Play Store

SOURCE: Shadow of War


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