If you plan a lot of activities with different groups of friends, agreeing on something to do and when and where to do it can sometimes be a pain, especially if you’re doing it through a messaging app and for more than 3 people. Microsoft believes you need an app for that to make your life easier. Who’s In, an app that was originally created for iMessage, is now available for Android devices so that you don’t need to switch between apps just to plan something and agree on the said plan.

The app does a pretty simple job – find activities in your area through Bing, give you suggested options as to when to meet, and then ask everyone to vote which is feasible for them. That saves you time and effort of back reading and going back and forth as to what the final plans are. You can look for restaurants by cuisine, location, and price. You can also find movie options complete with ratings and review details, as well as showtime information. You can also search for concerts, sports games, and other events around the area.

If you plan on doing an event of your own, you can also create and plan from the app. Just choose the Create Your Own option and then fill in all the details and invite all the friends that you want to have at your event. The other great thing about this app is that it will actually work on any chat app that you and your friends use. You just have to integrate it and let it work its magic.

You can download Who’s In from the Google Play Store for free. Unfortunately, it’s only available in selected regions for now and there’s no news yet if it will expand to other territories.