A new app was recently released for Android that allows you to share photos between devices nearby without the need to connect to a social network. No need for emails too because the Xim app allows easy cross-device transfer.

Microsoft Research Fuse Labs developed the Xim app so people can share photos to a group. Only one person is needed to have the app installed on his device to start sharing to everyone. The group can then browse the photos on their handsets and comment on each photo shown in a slideshow. The Xim app promises a shared photo viewing experience without having to rely on Facebook or email.

Microsoft Research Fuse Labs has explained carefully what the Xim app is all about in a video. Watch below:

To idea is to “Xim” your photos on your camera roll or photo service and share with your friends’ other devices. You can all swipe, zoom, and pan together even if only one has the app installed. It’s a fun app because it sysncs automatically so everyone can see an image at the same time and participate in commenting. You can invite people on your contacts so you can start sharing photos from your OneDrive, Dropbox, Facebook, Instagram, or camera roll. No need for extra storage on your phone. Photos displayed on the phone can be saved by long pressing or you can just make a screenshot.

Shared Xims will expire so make sure you’ve got copies of the photos you want. App also works with some web browsers so photos can be shared to those using a tablet or desktop.

This app may have been developed by Microsoft but for the first time, an Android version is made first. No Windows Phone or iOS version yet but the developer is already working on them.

Download Microsoft Xim Android app from the Google Play Store

VIA: Slashgear