Microsoft may be rolling out new Xbox-related items for smartphones and tablets. Nothing has been confirmed yet but the software giant is believed to be working on new Xbox controllers. No new Xbox model yet, just special controllers ideal for mobile devices. The product may be something like a real controller. Instead of using touch controls on the display, real buttons will be used as a real Xbox controller. We’re not considering this as just a rumor but more of an early preview of a project by Microsoft Research.

Microsoft may be following Sony and Nintendo with the PSP and Switch in this area. The two have been successful so far while Microsoft is stuck with the Xbox gaming console. It’s not mobile but perhaps it’s about time the Redmond-based company ups its game when it comes to well, mobile gaming.

Not all games or apps can be played efficiently with touch controllers. Physical and tactile buttons may still be preferred by some.

The idea of something similar to a Nintendo Switch or Sony PSP will make the Xbox line more interesting, at least, for the hard-core mobile gamers who want something new.

Microsoft is said to be working on controllers for years now. Prototypes have been sighted especially now the Nintendo Switch is a success. We’re hoping Microsoft will give us a bigger hint soon other than these images and illustrations. What do you think of this project?

VIA: WindowsCentral