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Just in case you’ve been living under a rock the past few years, we want you to know Windows Phone is no more. There may still be some faithful geeks holding on to their Windows-powered mobile devices but those are no longer supported. We doubt if Microsoft will release a new platform anytime soon but it’s not giving up yet in reaching the mobile arena. The software giant is said to be introducing new integrations with different mobile OS as announced earlier at the Build 2018 event.

This move will bring Windows Phone or Windows 10 features to both Android and iOS. We’re looking at the Microsoft 365 program that’s been updated recently with smartphone integration which you can do on the desktop and mobile. It will offer continuity and quick-syncing so you can work on your files from your phone, laptop, or desktop without having to download and edit several copies on whatever device you are using.

Known this early as “Your Phone”, this feature will show a preview of a file on your phone. Basically, the Your Phone feature is a window that shows a content on the Windows 10 desktop. Feel free to share content between PC and phone and then phone to PC with the drag-and-drop feature.

Right on your smartphone, you can also view your Microsoft Timeline where your projects are listed in one place. Your Phone will be ready for the Windows 10 computer while Timeline will be part of the Microsoft Launcher. Office 365 activities will be shown on the Timeline once synced.

An API set will be available for other developers so they can work on more related apps that may benefit from the integration.

VIA: SlashGear