Those using Arrow Launcher as their default launcher for their Android device will receive an update over the next few days and this includes integration of Bing search among other new features and under-the-hood tinkering. And for those who have completely embraced OneNote as their note-taking app (saying goodbye to Evernote), you will also get an update with some features that were released in the beta version but are now available for the rest of the OneNote using world.

While most Android users probably use Google as their default search engine, it still wouldn’t hurt to have an alternative in case it fails you. The Arrow Launcher has now added Bing search so you wouldn’t always have to rely on the search giant when you’re looking for information. The update also lets you easily search through your instant messenger without having to open the app separately. You also get Performance mode, which turns off background animations and blur settings if you want your launcher to work faster. And there are also some under the hood improvements so that the performance of Arrow Launcher will be faster in terms of page swipes, app launches and memory usage.

Meanwhile, several OneNote features that were introduced in the beta version a few weeks ago have now made it to the full release. This means you will now be able to access your locked notes even when you’re using your mobile device to open it. You can also now record audio notes and insert embedded files in your notes like pictures, documents, audio notes. The Google Keyboard on your OneNote now also has support for auto-correct.

You can update both the Arrow Launcher and the OneNote by going to their respective Google Play pages.