Microsoft is planning to compete with Google in the screen-casting/media-casting market, this much is proven by a couple of unrelated sources that prove the Redmond-based software giant is planning to come up with its own Miracast dongle to compete with the Chromecast device.

The first evidence was information on the FCC website about a Microsoft device called the HD-10, but at that point it was still unclear what it was. The WiFi org certification of the device sealed the deal, and it was now clear that the HD-10 would allow Nokia Lumia users to cast their devices’ screens onto a bigger screen, much like what Chromecast is being used for at this point.


Windows Phone 8.1, the newest iteration of the OS, includes a “Project My Screen” feature that will dovetail perfectly with the HD-10, which uses Miracast technology. Most Nokia tech bloggers think that the dongle will be compatible with any device running Windows 8.1 – either tablet, laptop, or smartphone.

The information on the Microsoft HD-10 says that it will of course be compatible with current WiFi standards, it will have a USB connection available, and should be able to output to a bigger screen using HDMI. And as expected, this device will be one of the highlights for Microsoft’s event at IFA 2014.

VIA: SlashGear


  1. Those guys just don’t get it over there! Chromecast is lightyears beyond Miracast technology. Screen mirroring can be nice, but is NOT the primary goal. Microsoft’s vision of the future is so tainted and blurred, they are still coasting on the success of Windows XP, MS Dos, MS Office, and Xbox. They are coasting though…none of these items have provided them with momentum in years.


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