Not everyone is as enamored with Android as we are, and given recent events with a certain big red company that shall remain nameless, it’s hard to blame them. But Microsoft is using some Android owners’ experience with “malware” as an excuse for promoting Windows Phone 7, and it must be said, they’re doing it in a pretty unique way. Tweet out a story of your Android malware woes, attach the hashtag #droidrage, and you might just get a response from Ben Rudolph the Windows Phone evangelist, giving you some shiny new Microsoft hardware.

Of course, the amount of Android malware that actually makes it onto users’ devices is pretty tiny. Google keeps a weather eye on the Android Market, and most of the platform’s 190 million users never install a non-Market app, the primary vector for software attacks. But then, most of the things that @BenThePCGuy is retweeting are general complaints – sluggish, choppy phones, restarts, and slow updates. Legitimate complaints, to be sure, but not malware by any stretch of its definition.

Still, we’re all tech heads here, and not above a little pandering for free hardware. BenThePCGuy has five free phones of indeterminate make and model to give out, so send him your story if you want to try. After all, Windows Phone 7 has copy and paste now! I’m sure that will make up for its other shortcomings.

Is anyone else chuckling at the thought of Microsoft (you know, the Windows people) pointing out malware threats on competing platforms? Keep that virus scanner running, desktop users.

[via SlashGear]