For companies that are heavy Microsoft product users, the emergence of the Microsoft Team app must have been a huge help, especially if you’re managing different projects and different teams. Now the newest update to the app brings a few improvements that may not be major but can certainly be useful. You will now be able to make 1-on-1 audio calls with team members and you now also have the ability to delete messages sent in the past 24 hours in case you need to.

The changelog for the Microsoft Team app update isn’t that long, but it may be significant for some of the companies using it. You will now be able to make one-on-one audio calls with team members, either within the chat you’re already having or directly from a contact card. The update also brings improved notification reliability, which is pretty important since you need to be notified of important messages, or can also be annoying if you are working on a lot of projects and receive a gazillion notifications.

You will also now be able to delete any message that you have sent within 24 hours. So if you’ve accidentally drunk messaged a colleague or you sent information that should not be public knowledge yet, you can still delete it and hope that no one has read or screencapped it yet. If you need to constantly refresh your app, you just now need to pull down on the main screen.

Of course there are the usual mysteries bug fixes and improvements. You can now update your Microsoft Team app from the Google Play Store.