Microsoft Surface Duo demo failed during livestream

Back in October, Microsoft introduced the Surface Duo and Surface Neo. We caught a glimpse of the Duo before the year 2020 ended. We haven’t heard any news about it until this week. Last Tuesday, the software giant demonstrated the dual-screen device for the first time. It was a public demo but unfortunately, some issues were encountered. Android OS and mobile apps were crashing. The demo was deemed to be a failure. Interestingly, Microsoft changed the footage for the world to see.

Microsoft’s Surface Duo encountered a few errors. There was one time the screen didn’t respond. It’s like the BSOD (Blue Screen of Death) without the unnecessary window.

During the demo, the app drawer wouldn’t disappear. Some apps like Google Maps wouldn’t space across the two screens. Two Surface Duo units were available on stage. The presenter, Windows Developer Platform’s head Kevin Gallo, used the second Surface Duo only to experience the same thing.

The live stream showed the awful demo but Microsoft didn’t publish the whole thing. A reshot was done, showing the apps running on the Surface Duo without any problem. It wasn’t a total lie though because Microsoft did show a warning the demo was updated.

The new video showed a working Microsoft Surface Duo. We would love to just see this version. We can’t say if Microsoft is fully ready. There is still no mention of availability. The live demo is just proof the product is still raw.