Carriers and cloud storage developers have learned the hard way that if you give users “unlimited” anything, chances are they would really take advantage of it and use it whatever way they want. Microsoft initially offered unlimited storage on OneDrive for its Office 365 subscribers only to find out that some were abusing it and uploading their movies, TV shows and other huge files, since after all, it was unlimited. So now they are implementing a 1TB limit on storage, which supposedly started on March 1.

While they were warning high-level users and limiting their “unlimited” space on the cloud, it wasn’t until December that they gave specific details that they were going to give each user just 1TB of data storage on OneDrive starting March 1. But some users are saying that they still have their unlimited storage space. That may be due to the fact that they will probably take 48 hours to roll it across to all users.

If by now you still haven’t downsized your files on OneDrive to 1TB, don’t worry, they will not delete those that have exceeded the limit. You will be given three months to move it to another cloud storage or to just move it to a local hard drive. If after those three months you still haven’t done that, we don’t know what will happen yet but there might be some forced deleting involved.

Office 365 users will be the only ones affected since they’re the only ones who had the privilege of having that unlimited storage. Well, it was fun while it lasted. So the lesson is: make sure you know what you’re facing when you use the term “unlimited” for any of the services you’re offering.

VIA: SlashGear