If you have trouble solving mathematical problems or you just like doing some in your spare time, Microsoft released a new app that would be perfect for you. The Math Solver app does what its name says and while it is still in beta version, you can now play around with it if you need some help with elementary, middle, and high school math problems. But not only will it solve the problems through artificial intelligence-powered math solver but it will also give you explanations, tips, related math concepts, etc.

There are several ways for you to be able to get the app to solve your math problems. You can write it on your screen using your finger or a stylus. You can also scan printed or handwritten math equations. You can even type and edit on the screen using an advanced scientific calculator. As we mentioned, you don’t only get the answers to the math problems but the app will teach you how they got to the answers which is probably what the students need.

You will be able to get step-by-step explanations through interactive graphs and even online video lectures for specific math topics. The app will also show you similar problems from the web if you want to search for it. The math problems the app can solve aren’t just formulas but also math word problems, x-y data tables for linear/non-linear functions, and Math Worksheets with multiple problems.

Microsoft is venturing into these practical types of apps aside from its very useful productivity eco-system. They previously released the Microsoft Learn Chinese app which is pretty important if you don’t speak the language and you’re planning to do business in the East Asian country. While some would prefer Duolingo, this app is specifically for the most widely spoken language in the world so if that’s what you need to learn, you can try it out.

As for students (and grown-ups) who need some help in solving and understanding math, you can download the Math Solver app from the Google Play Store for free. Remember though that it’s still in beta so there may still be some kinks that need to be worked out.