If you’ve been having a few minor issues with your Microsoft Outlook for Android lately, then you might want to update your app to the latest version. Basically, this update is all about fixing those errors that you may have been experiencing and the changelog reflects just that. From the archived messages issues to the app crashing because of one action to Google Drive file issues, these will now supposedly be resolved when you update to Version 2.1238.

Some users were complaining that even though messages were moved to the Archive section, they were still showing up in the main Inbox. The update has now hopefully fixed that since “moved messages now stay that way” they said in the changelog. The other major issue was that when users forwarded emails or were reviewing long drafts, the app would suddenly crash. That can be pretty annoying, especially if that’s an important draft you’re reading or an urgent email you’re forwarding. So yes, no more crashing, says the update.

Google Drive files will also not have any more issues, whether you’re viewing a file or downloading one through an email on your Outlook. And if you still prefer to send an actual file rather than send through a cloud drive like Google Drive, the size limits for attachments has now been increased. They didn’t exactly state in the changelog what the new limit is, so try testing it out first.

Update your Outlook for Android through the Google Play page so all of these mentioned, plus bug fixes and improvements, will come to your app.