Isn’t it odd having to install third-party applications like DocsToGo to open Microsoft Word documents or Excel spreadsheets? Well, Microsoft has started porting over its entire suite of Office programs over to Android – one by one. First up, we’ve got Microsoft OneNote.

Bear in mind, these applications are more basic than their fully fledged counterparts. OneNote syncs with the documents located on Microsoft’s SkyDrive. You can still format text, images, and create bulleted lists – but the best part is it renders your projects perfectly. OneNote is also available free of charge in the Android Market

The application is not yet configured for tablet use, although it’s still possible to install – it’s just not tablet optimized. It seems they’d perfect a universal version of the Android app, considering how long its taken to see any member of their suite on the Android Market. Those interested in giving it a try, navigate here.

[via IntoMobile]