Microsoft has just rolled out an update to its Android app for OneDrive with some very important changes. With the ability to now share files, move them around, or even just sort them, the app takes a little step forward in catching up with the guys in the big leagues.

You kind of get an idea how young, or how late, something is by the amount of catching up it has to do in terms of feature parity with competing apps and services. The new features that Microsoft OneDrive users are getting today are things that we probably have taken for granted because we expect them to be there from the get go.

OneDrive now allows a variety of way to share files stored in its cloud space. When you select a file and tap on that share button, you won’t get Android’s conventional Sharing window. Instead, you will first have to choose to invite people to collaborate on the document, share a link to the file, or, when possible, send the file to other apps, in which case you’ll see the usual Android app list. Speaking of selection, the OneDrive list now features checkboxes, so that you can choose multiple files to share or move. The app also adds the ability to move the files to different folders, within OneDrive, of course, though the icon used for that operation is a bit confusing since it looks more like a download icon. And lastly, there is now a button that will let you sort your list of files.

These features all seem basic and may sound a bit too late for a new contender in the arena. Nonetheless, it is definitely good news to see Microsoft continuing to develop this Android app instead of leaving it by the wayside in favor of its own mobile platform.

Download: Microsoft OneDrive on Google Play Store