Microsoft originally launched the Office Web Apps back in 2010. This launch had the web apps serving as companions to the full desktop Office experience, however improvements over the years have added mode features. Some of these improvements have dealt with collaboration and the ability to create documents and access Office content from a wide variety of devices.

On that note, it looks like Android users are being given some additional functionality. Microsoft has recently announced that Android tablet users will soon have the “full power of the Office Web Apps.” This means Android tablet users will be joining the Windows 8 tablet and iPad users. The Android support will arrive for those using the Chrome browser.

Some of the features here will include the ability to access Office content and tools as well as the ability to edit documents. Microsoft also has plans to add real-time co-authoring support within the Office Web Apps. Basically, this means users will be able to see the presence of others as well as any edits without having to refresh the page.

Microsoft has said they have already started offering this in the PowerPoint Web App and that “in the next few months” you will see this functionality getting “faster.” The above video gives a brief look at co-authoring with the PowerPoint Web App. Microsoft also has plans to add real time co-authoring support in the other Office Web Apps over the next few months.

[via Office 365]