Microsoft really is getting busy with the Android platform. If not developing and releasing new apps for Android from the Garage Project, the software giant is regularly updating its most popular set of apps–Microsoft Office. More updates are being released the past few months and the newer versions seem to be getting more similar tot the desktop program. Finally, all three apps receive the important export-to-PDF capability.

The full versions already have it but the free mobile apps are getting the export feature just now. Support for various format files are very much needed but sending a document as PDF makes it easier to send, share, and open. Viewing a PDF is more convenient so it’s recommended that you convert your document, excel, or powerpoint to PDF.

The updated Mircrosoft Word can also now open RTF files while the Excel app allows conversion of table to a range of rows and columns if you need customization and flexibility. PowerPoint app for Android also receives the Morph transition but only for Office 365 users. This particular series of update also delivers capability to insert picture or image from the camera.

The updates for the apps are now live on the Play Store so no need to wait if they are ready or not.

Download Microsoft Word, Excel, and PowerPoint from the Google Play Store


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