Microsoft’s Internet application browser plugin, Silverlight, may soon be coming to Android-powered handsets. Silverlight is the direct competitor of Adobe’s Flash. Seeing Silverlight or Flash on the next Android would really hurt Apple because the iPhone 3G currently has neither.

Microsoft’s Scott Guthrie told “[The] Google phone is slightly different [from the iPhone]. It’s more of an open platform, that is something we’re going to continue to look at. Certainly as it’s gotten deployed and if sales are good we’ll definitely keep our eyes out and look at that in the future.”

For reasons still unknown Apple made a potentially bad decision to keep Adobe’s Flash plugin as well as Microsoft’s Silverlight off of the iPhone. Many iPhone owners cannot look beyond the fact that, despite how advanced the phone is, it still lacks Flash support. If Android-powered handsets see Silverlight or flash before the iPhone, it could possibly hurt iPhone sales in the future.

[Via TechRadar]