If you’ve been using Microsoft Launcher as your smartphone’s default launcher, you’ve probably noticed that it’s been missing one key component from Microsoft: its very own digital assistant Cortana. Well, wonder no more as the latest update to the app finally brings Cortana into your device, along with a bunch of other minor new features that may (or may not) be useful for you. This includes sharing the launcher to others, Intune integration, choosing contacts to display, and pinning searched apps or contacts to your home screen.

Before we talk all about the other minor things, the major component of this update is finally having Cortana available for all your queries and commands. Well, you probably already use Google Assistant or Alexa or maybe even Bixby, but if you’re a fan of the Microsoft ecosystem, then having Cortana available is a boost. You can schedule meetings, make calls, continue to work on your PC or have it read the headlines out loud to you.

The update also brings other new things. It now supports Arabic and other right to left languages. You can share the Launcher through NFC and QR code, in case you want other people to use the app as well. If your phone gets stolen, you can now remotely wipe all your data through the InTune integration. You also now have the ability to place widgets into the dock and pin on your home screen the apps or contacts that you searched for and you want to have easy access to.

You can now update your Microsoft Launcher to version 4.6 through its Google Play page. However, Cortana integration will only work in the US, UK, Canada, Australia, and China.


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