It’s no secret that patent wars have been a major problem in the mobile space. Especially for a few of the big hitters like Samsung, Microsoft, and Apple. For those not following along at home Microsoft holds multiple key patents and has inked deals with just about everyone in the Android tablet and smartphone market for royalties. Now that Nikon has an Android camera, they’re also getting thrown in the Microsoft coin jar.

Microsoft has done a pretty good job for themselves by nipping at the heels of all the successful Android manufacturers, and as a result is making a killing off their patent royalties alone. In 2011 it was reported they made more from Android patent licenses than Windows Phone as a whole. Since this non-sense won’t be ending any time soon, at least they’re willing to work with these manufacturers.

Today Microsoft announced that they’ve inked a deal with Nikon that is basically a patent-licensing agreement. Allowing Nikon to continue developing and releasing Android-powered cameras without the fear of a lawsuit. Sadly Microsoft will be earning an undisclosed amount probably for every single device sold. Just as they do with HTC, and tons of other manufacturers.

Nikon’s Coolpix S800C is an Android-powered smartcamera that was released last year, so most likely they’ll owe some back-pay to big ol Micro$oft, but at this point we’re wondering just how far they plan to test the Android waters. We haven’t seen any reports on another camera in the works, but Samsung’s Galaxy Camera has been successful so maybe we’ll be seeing more soon.