Google and Microsoft finally ended their patent battle October last year by dropping a string of lawsuits against each other. It seemed to be a sincere agreement and looks like the two will strengthen the deal once again according to a recent report. The tech giants agreed that it will stop complaining against other. The regulatory complaints will end not only in the United States but also in other countries.

In different regions across the globe, expect to no longer hear any complaints of the two getting into a fight. It’s about time that the two wisen up and settle all issues concerning to them. A recent report by Re/code said that “Microsoft has agreed to withdraw its regulatory complaints against Google”. It was a statement by a representative from the Redmond company.

Meanwhile, a spokesperson of Google shared these words: Our companies compete vigorously, but we want to do so on the merits of our products, not in legal proceedings.

The two are not launching any new product or service together. It was simply perhaps a “change of heart”. The two new CEOs Satya Nadella and Sundar Pichai are obviously more cordial towards each other compared to the previous CEOs. Maybe the two just wanted to end all the bickering because it gets tiring (or maybe because they’re both Indians?).

Microsoft appears to be chumming up with Google because it knows it will never beat Android and iOS when it comes to mobile industry. Microsoft is not exactly living out the adage “If you can’t beat them, join” but the company certainly knows how take advantage of the situation. It’s still true that Microsoft’s software and services are very much reliable and so making mobile versions of them will do both companies good.

VIA: Re/code