The Edge for Android has been very useful to most people. It syncs with one’s desktop for password management so you don’t have to remember your numerous PIN and codes to access your different accounts. For others, there’s LastPass to trust. And what better way to make things more efficient than by joining the two? The result is a more powerful mobile web browser.

LastPass is no doubt more sophisticated. It will support Edge on Android to make the latter better than ever. This means the Edge browser will remember passwords and other details.

The news came after a Program Manager for the mobile browser announced on his tweeter that LastPass is getting an update that includes support for Edge on Android. Originally, LastPass is already supported by Safari and Chrome and now another browser is added to the list.

The Edge browser on Android currently has over one million downloads since its public launch. It may be from Microsoft but the app has reached the Google Play Store’s Top 20 Free Apps list. It only proves the Microsoft Edge for Android is one effective tool for most Android consumers.

Download Microsoft Edge and LastPass from the Google Play Store

VIA: MSPowerUser