Even as the economy is slowly opening up, online shopping will continue to be a main habit for a lot of people. Finding coupons and best deals is also a huge part of the online shopping experience but sometimes it’s not as easy to do so. If you’re using Microsoft’s Edge browser on your mobile device, you’ll now get a tool to help you with this. The Shopping feature is now available for the Canary version of the Edge app so you can automatically see the coupons available when you’re doing your shopping on a specific website.

A Reddit thread talks about the addition of a new “Coupons” feature to the Edge mobile browser, at least the Canary preview version. This has previously been available on the desktop version of the browser for some time but now you can use it on your Android smartphone. And since a lot of people probably do their online shopping on their phone before going to bed or while taking a break from work.

How it works is pretty simple. When you visit a retailer site on the Edge browser, you will get a an alert if there are any coupons or deals available. You can see the list of coupons by tapping on the shopping tag which you can find on the address bar. When you’re checking out the items on your cart, you can copy and paste a code or the browser can actually try them all to see which one will give you the biggest discount and automatically apply them.

You’ll have to enable the feature through flags. Just type “edge://flags” in the search bar then search for “coupons” in the search bar that will appear. All you have to do is enable the coupon setting and then restart your Edge app. After that, you can already start shopping and finding the coupons to go along with it. You’ll also eventually realize which retail sites will always have coupons and discounts available for you.

The coupon feature is available on the Edge Canary browser but it might eventually make it to the stable browser. No timeframe has been mentioned though.