If you’ve been a fan of Microsoft OneNote (hello switchers from Evernote!), you’ll be happy with the latest major update that they’re bringing to the note-taking app on your mobile device (and your desktop too!). Version 16.0 of the app is the first major one since they rolled out version 15.20 in March of last year. This time around you get a redesign that focuses on enhanced usability especially for those using assistive technologies, simpler navigation controls, and a user experience that is consistent across all platforms.

For people with vision and mobile impairments, having an app that would help them digitally function is a boon. Microsoft interviewed “hundreds of people” and analyzed their telemetry as well and came up with improved keyboard shortcuts and screen reader experience to make it easier for those using assistive technologies to use the app. They’ve also made navigation simpler by putting all the controls on the left side while the note itself is the main attraction, as it should be. This is also helpful for those with disabilities so they can navigate through the app easily.

Lastly, not everyone just uses OneNote in just one device. A lot of us have a desktop version and then use the mobile app when in transit or something. So the user experience should be consistent across all devices and platforms and that is what this latest update brings. The seamless transition across devices should help you focus on the important things like school work or the job.

The Microsoft OneNote redesign and update has already started rolling out for Android devices as well as other platforms, If you don’t have it yet, you can of course download it for free from the Google Play Store.

SOURCE: Microsoft