One of best innovations in the web today is cloud storage. Some people don’t have to worry now about bringing a USB flashdrive or a portable hard drive anywhere. As long as there is WiFi, you can upload and share files to your friends, family, or colleagues. OneDrive is one service that is widely used in the workplace because it is from Microsoft. The latter, as you know, is still popular in the enterprise and business game.

When employees work and collaborate on a project, files are shared among several people using multiple devices from smartphones to tablets or devices. To make things easier, OneDrive is a convenient place to save everything and be able to access them from anywhere. Microsoft continues to update the storage service by adding new features like support for Windows 10, offline access and productivity, plus share file support for iOS devices.

Microsoft has just introduced the OneDrive Files On-Demand which is a new way to save up storage because it doesn’t use any space on your device. This change was announced at the Microsoft Build 2017. This will be available with the new Windows 10 Fall Creators Update.

The idea is you don’t have to download files from the cloud just so you can use them. You can open directly and edit as if you’re editing from the desktop. With OneDrive, you can just access one and the same file for continuity of the process. If you are using SharePoint Online, Files On-Demand then re-downloads files on synced devices whenever a change is made. This is said to reduce network bandwidth.

The Windows Insider Preview and the Windows 10 Fall Creators Update will receive Files On-Demand. Microsoft also added OneDrive Offline Folders and OneDrive for iMessage to its numerous improvements.

SOURCE: Office Blogs (Microsoft)