Xiaomi may no longer be the top Chinese OEM but the company still flourishes today. It has since evolved into a smart home and lifestyle brand, offering affordable gadgets, smart devices, and even clothes. We care more about the hardware Xiaomi can offer and this time, there is a new product line that may surprise you–vending machines. To be honest, we’re not surprised by this one because you know, it’s from Xiaomi. The Xiaomi vending machine is meant for India.

It’s a vending machine but it’s not what you think. It doesn’t offer snacks or your favorite drink. It’s a vendo that dispenses new smartphones. If you need a new phone while India, you only need to look for a vending machine.

The Xiaomi vending machine accepts most payment method like debit card, cash, credit card, or UPI. You can find the first Mi Express kiosk at the Manyata Tech Park in Bengaluru.

This Mi Express Kiosk is a vending machine that is available first in India. More will be set up around the country but for now, we’ll focus on what’s public. We’re also imagining more Xiaomi products may be available.

With the vending machine, anyone can buy a new phone. We’re assuming they’re all branded by Xiaomi. Manu Kumar Jain, Xiaomi’s Global VP, has presenting the kiosk to the market.

The idea is for what seems like a one-stop shop that accepts all payments. Choose the phone you want, select, and wait for it to drop.

Vending machines are a marketing strategy that can be very effective when done right. In India, Xiaomi teamed up with several companies to offer promo and discount. You can also get mobile accessories from the vending machine.

The Xiaomi vendo will only be available at a schedule in India–10AM to 8PM only. Expect more kiosks will be revealed in different locations from malls to airports to metro stations, and to tech parks.