Because we’re always on the lookout for ways to prolong the battery lives of our devices, we welcome new products that will help stave off our nomophobia, or fear of being without a mobile phone. Chinese brand Mi has been giving us great power banks, but this new one may just be the best of them all (so far). The 20000 mAh Mi Powerbank will be able to charge your smartphone 4 times, your tablet 3 times, and it can even juice up your laptop once.

It used to be that just having a 5000mAh power bank would be enough for most, but now with all the gadgets we carry and use, sometimes at the same time, the higher the capacity we need. It also lessens the need to carry several bulky chargers with us when we travel. It also has two usb ports so that you can charge two devices at the same time, or if you feel like sharing, you can also let another person juice up their gadget as well.

The 20000 Mi Powerbank also supports DC 5V/2A 9V/2A 12V/1.5A, and most importantly Quick Charge 2.0. In just 3 hours, it already stored up 11000 mAh while the 10000 mAh power bank managed just 5000 mAh. And don’t worry about carrying something as heavy as a brick. It only weighs 338g, which is still lighter than if you carry 2 10000mAh powerbanks. It also has “world class chipset protection” so there is no fear of frying your gadgets’ circuit boards.

It increases 10% power output efficiency, 93% conversion rate, and a minimum of 12700mAh actual output, all with 100 rounds. The 20000 mAh Mi Powerbank will be available by November 11, costing 149 yuan, or around $23.

VIA: Miui


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