Livestreaming an event, concert, a personality Q&A or whatever it is you want your public/fans to know has become pretty commonplace now. You have social apps like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, YouTube incorporating some version of it on their respective services. Aside from just using your smartphone camera, there are also livestreaming cameras available, and one of them is called Mevo from a company called Livestream. Their app for Android is now available on beta and they have added support for YouTube Live as well.

The Mevo camera is a tiny (but quite expensive) device that you can use to do your live streaming, although it is more for professional purposes rather than the random live event that some people do now for fun. It was actually the first camera that integrated Facebook Live, along with its own streaming platform, and later on Periscope. T

hey have also now added YouTube Live (although still in beta), since the service is being expanded to more and more people (channels with 1,000 subscribers and up can now livestream). The camera can record in 4K with the new beta app, but it can only broadcast to YouTube Live in 1080p. This will probably be fixed when the beta period is over, but for now you’ll have to make do.

The Android app meanwhile is still on its first version with the full release expected in the summer of this year. For now, you need to be part of its Google+ community to be able to have access to the app and to be a beta tester. The detailed steps are found in the source, if you’re interested to see how it will work with both the Mevo cam and your Android device.

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